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What is premium membership?#

What's included in the membership?#

  • Premium Guided Lessons

    Unlock your full potential with access to all premium guided lessons. Whether you're going to relax or be resilient, our expert guides will help you deepen your practice and achieve greater mindfulness.

  • Premium Sounds

    Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility with our premium sounds. From soothing natural sounds to calming music, our carefully curated collection will transport you to a place of peace and serenity.

  • Biodata Live Stream

    Share your meditation journey with the world by streaming your biodata live. Watch in real-time as your brainwaves, heart rate variability, and other metrics change over time, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you see your progress.

  • Monthly Meditation Report

    Stay on track with your meditation goals by receiving a monthly report on your progress. Our detailed analysis will help you identify areas for improvement and celebrate your successes.

  • Premium Biofeedback Metrics

    Take your meditation practice to the next level with our premium biofeedback metrics. In addition to Flow and Coherence, you can set personalized metrics like gamma wave and attention, giving you a deeper understanding of your mind and body.

How to get a membership?#

  • Redeem code

    After you purchase a headband or a set of cushions, you'll get a gift card with a code. You can visit the Flowtime app - Me - Redeem for a 3-month membership. The membership expires automatically when the period ends.

  • Subscription

    Subscribe yearly at $59.99. You'll have access to all features. It will be renewed automatically at the end of the period. If you want to cancel it, please go to Account Settings to turn it off for at least 24 hours before the membership ends.