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Who can see the Biodata Live Stream?#

After you start a session, you can see real-time biodata on your phones or tablets.

What if I want to share that with my meditation guide?

What if I want my audience to see real-time data clearly when I have live streaming?

What if I want to showcase real-time data on a big screen?

Now you have Flowtime Biodata Live Stream, a new feature allowing you to share your real-time biodata via a web link.

  • After you start a session, tap the banner on the top of the biodata card. You can either copy the link or send it to anyone via email, message, or social media apps.

  • Anyone with the link can open it on any web browser and see your biodata live as long as the session runs. They do not need to have the Flowtime app or device to view their biodata.

How powerful can it be in different scenarios?#

If you are a meditation guide#

You can share the live stream of real-time biodata with your students so they can see what happens during meditation. So do your students. Then you can monitor their biodata and give them feedback or guidance accordingly, even if you guide them remotely.

If you are an influencer#

You can broadcast your real-time data to your audience. Show them how meditation affects your body and mind and inspire them to try it themselves. You can even introduce how to fine-tune meditation practice by showing how your body responds to different meditation techniques. Then adjust practice to better suit individual needs.

If you are new to meditation and struggle to practice daily#

You can share real-time biodata with your family and friends so they can see exactly how your body is responding to your practice. This can help you stay motivated to continue your practice, even on days when you might not feel like it.

Biodata Live Stream is a powerful and innovative feature that can enhance your meditation experience and connection with others. Try it out today and see the difference!