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How to record a session with other meditation apps?#

Flowtime can work simultaneously with other meditation apps. Feel free to use Flowtime to record biodata while meditating with the guide/sound of other meditation apps.

Flowtime biodata helps to visualize the effect of meditation sessions in other apps.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open other meditation apps and find the session/ambient sound you are going to listen to.

  2. Open the Flowtime app and tap on the “Meditation Timer” card to select a time that is a bit longer than the length of your meditation session in case the end sound ringing when the timer ends would distract you. Or customize a timer. Then click Start.

  3. Go back to the other meditation app and start playing the meditation guide/sound.

  4. Return to the Flowtime app to keep it running in the foreground.

  5. After the audio stops, end the session and view the report.

Watch the video for more details: