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How long does it take to charge the headband?#

  • Connect the headband with the cable that comes with it and plug it into your computer or a USB charger. The indicator will be blinking yellow.

  • It takes about 2 hours to get it fully charged, and the indicator turns solid green.

  • When it's fully charged, it lasts about 8 hours.

  • When it's charging, it will be disconnected from the app.

How do I know if it's fully charged?

  • The indicator turns solid green when it's fully charged.

  • After you connect the headband with the app, you can see the battery percentage by going to Meditate page and tapping the headband icon on the top right corner.

What should I do if the indicator doesn't turn solid green after the headband is charged for more than 2 hours?

  • Slightly move and press the magnetic head so that it's fully connected with the port.

  • Leave it charging overnight and see whether the indicator turns solid green.


If you still have questions about charing, please feel free to contact us via the Flowtime app - Me- Contact Us.