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How to clean the cushion?#

  1. Both the upper and lower cushion covers can be removed and washed. Please do not use detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents. It's machine washable/hand washable at medium to low temperature, ironable at medium to low temperature and hang to dry.
  2. The sponge layer inside the top cushion contains chips and is not washable.
  3. Buckwheat hulls are a natural herb and are not washable. The buckwheat hulls can be taken out of the bag so you can wash the cover. Please do not leave the buckwheat hulls in a damp place for long periods. Regular ventilation or natural drying in the sun will help to keep them dry and help them last longer.
  4. When installing, please note that the corner with the switch is in the direction of the carrying handle. The switch button is on the top, and the charging port is on the bottom. Firstly place the chip layer in the up cushion cover, and then place the buckwheat hull cover. Pour the buckwheat hull back into the cover. After that, please properly pat the cushion, so that the buckwheat hull is evenly dispersed in the cushion, to ensure a smooth sitting experience.